I am Adam (1997) — graphic/type designer and illustrator currently living and working throughout the
nights between
 Prague and my hometown — Pardubice. My work encompasses a wide range of art
disciplines — focuses heavily on graphic design and illustration, yet lately also on animation, motion
graphics and photography. When working on a project — be it digital design or physical art — I want
it to be pure and functional. I approach it sensibly, passionately and courageously — with a fine eye for
detail and thorough emphasis on the client
’​​​​​​​s individual needs and ambitions. Uniqueness and personal
commitment are a must. I adore experimenting and discovering new possibilities, every so often also
a bit eccentric. While understanding
the pragmatic premises of producing a successful and distinctive
commercial design, I wish for my clients to be the creators themselves, having the final say.

Brand identity design
Data visualization / Infographics
Digital design
Editorial and book design
User interface / Interaction design
Web development

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Architectural Institute in Prague
Catholic Theological Faculty at Charles University
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Faculty of Arts at Charles University
Faculty of Humanities at Charles University
Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
National Museum​​​​​​​ in Prague​​​​​​​