We Are Open / Spring Open House 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Visual campaign, digital presentation and graphics for Architectural Institute in Prague — one of the leading architecture schools. ​​​​​​​
As a part of Prague Art Week and 9th We Are Open festival in Prague, this event provided a great opportunity to reach the future students and introduce schools innovative approach to teaching.
Spring Open House, being the second Open House event at ARCHIP this year, was organized in collaboration with Art District 7. As a part of Prague Art Week and 9th We Are Open festival in Prague, this event provided a great opportunity to reach the future students and introduce school’s innovative approach to teaching. Unlike the campaign for the first event, which featured bold typography and lettering, these posters are based entirely on a series of photographs, alongside with the subtle, rotated typography on both sides. 

Throughout the whole campaign, I used nothing but Maax.
I have spend quite a while trying to somehow implement much more expressive and pronounced typography of some sort, before ultimately coming back to my original idea. A concept of a flashy photo completed with an unobtrusive text placement. Featuring photos from the highlights of past academic year as the main point of attention, subtle typography is letting them shine through without spoiling the view. This visual presentation was used to advertise the Spring Open House, Prague Art Week and We Are Open Festival events during the promotional weeks throughout the organisers
 websites and other social media.

Architectural Institute in Prague
Campaign, Digital Design, Poster Design
Dominik Kučera, Adam David