No Strings Orchestra
Visual identity and branding for Czech symphonic wind ensemble.
Visual identity and branding for Pardubice based orchestra featuring every thinkable instrument yet no strings. With its 60–year legacy and almost no recognisable and unified branding, I ultimately ended up designing a new visual identity from the ground up. 

Brand identity features new simplified variable word mark for both No Strings Orchestra and shortened NSO variant set in Calibre. An uppercase version of Calibre echoes throughout as a primary font, with Neue Haas Unica used as a supplementary typeface. To emphasise No Strings Orchestra’s rich multi–genred musical repertoire, the identity builds on vibrant photographs and illustrations of noted composers and musicians.
To emphasise No Strings Orchestra’s rich multi–genred musical repertoire, the identity builds on vibrant photographs and illustrations of noted composers and musicians.
The key concept of the new identity is flexibility — even though it is designed to be deployed in a bold, vivid manner in conjunction with colourful pictures, mostly in large formats, No Strings Orchestra’s new identity also allows visuals to be more subtle, restrained and even solely typographical if needed.

No Strings Orchestra
Visual Identity​​​​​​​